Hi! My name is Gabriel Barbosa and I am a graphic designer and front-end developer currently living in São Paulo, Brasil.

I particularly love doing websites, but you can call me for whatever you need! Feel free to contact for project inquiries.

Web Development
Web Development
The Summer Hunter
Pamplona Residence

Gabriel Barbosa is a Brazilian graphic designer and front-end developer. He has solid professional experience working with graphic design and graphic production. Currently, he works as a freelancer, focusing on developing websites and digital experiences.

He studied Design at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), where the education is broad and focuses on design process and methodology applied to industrial, graphic and system design. As a result, his work is diversified and always looks for creating expressive and eye-catching projects.

Living in São Paulo, Brasil
Working as Freelancer


Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Digital Design, E–commerce, Editorial Design, Naming, Typography, Visual Identity, Web Development, Front-end Development

Worked with
Selvvva, Confetti, The Summer Hunter, Hysteria, Sometimes Always, Fluxo Design